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Learn number facts quickly and efficiently!  Developed by a mathematics educator and classroom tested, Number Facts Mastery uses a systematic approach to help students learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.  Learners have the opportunity to select lesson options, practice facts, print out worksheets, and receive lesson feedback.  Color-coded flashcards and audio readback are included features.

Number Facts Mastery is designed to be inclusive to learners of all age ranges, whether it is the elementary school student seeking additional practice, to the adult re-entry student who wishes a quick refresher for facts that are a little rusty.

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Inventory Clearance Sale - Pricing

$8.95       $4.95 for Home (Individual) License
$69.95     $49.95 for Classroom (Academic) License
$169.95   $149.95 for Laboratory/Study Center (Academic) License

For school/campus, multi-campus, and district pricing, please contact us to request a quote.

A trial version (with functionality limited to addition and subtraction) can be downloaded for free.


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